Hannah Penn to dismiss at noon today (5/7/18)

Due to a water main break in the community, we have to dismiss Hannah Penn students at noon today. Students who are bused to school will be bused home.

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Goode kicks off One School, One Book reading program

Posted on January 25th, 2017

Goode K-8 started the One School, One Book program last week in support of Ms. Jeanne Lippy’s Distributive Leadership project. Our school had the opportunity to vote on the book that every student in K-8 would be reading and The One and Only Ivan is the book that was chosen for the first round of this program.  

I am extremely impressed with how well our school community is collaborating with this project. Over break, teachers had the opportunity to read the book in advance, and I saw numerous Facebook posts to Ms. Lippy (Goode teacher) telling her how awesome the book was and how excited teachers were to start this book once winter break was complete.

After the school kick-off to the book, I saw more Facebook posts of families on our school page reading the book together. One family even typed up copies of the questions in the back of the book for every child and parent so they could discuss the book together.

In the building, you see a sea of “Ivan” books as kids are carrying it between classes, to encore classes, in the cafeteria, and some are reading while walking in line.

In my own classroom, students are reading the book every chance they get and are days ahead of the schedule set up by the program. I even had students reading the book while waiting outside during a fire drill! Also, students who usually give me a hard time about independent reading can’t put the book down!

This book has brought our close school community even closer. I hear stories of siblings reading to younger siblings, parents asking teachers for more work to go with the book and teachers sharing resources for the book with each other across grade levels. Even Principal Randy James is reading the book!

Thank you, Ms. Lippy, for bringing our school closer together!

— By Stefanie Moyar, Goode teacher


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