Hannah Penn to dismiss at noon today (5/7/18)

Due to a water main break in the community, we have to dismiss Hannah Penn students at noon today. Students who are bused to school will be bused home.

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York High Class of 1958 greets current students, pays it forward

Posted on January 25th, 2017

Life Skills students at William Penn Senior High School participate in a weekly community-based work experience to gain valuable competences and life lessons.

Because transportation is not available, the students and teachers walk to the multiple properties as part of the work experience. The participation in this program helps earn money to support the Life Skills program. The dedicated students are like your mail carrier in that the weekly trips are not always in the perfect weather.

A recent week was no exception, as temperatures were in the low 20s and the students worked diligently and walked almost 5 miles to clean properties in the York community. A quick warm-up stop at a coffee shop gave us optimism as teachers, students, and former Bearcats crossed paths.

After explaining to a table of former Bearcats why we were walking in the cold, they offered money so that the students could get a warm drink. After well wishes and ‘thanks yous’ were exchanged, a photo was taken as a constant reminder to pay it forward. We always hope that students learn responsibilities and respect while also conquering the daily classroom goals and obstacles.

Last week in an unlikely place, the two came together and warmed hearts. Thank you “Class of 1958” (Shirley Sense and Pat Hostel) for showing our students how to pay it forward!

— By Michelle Masco and Kelly Lilly  (York High Life Skills Support Teachers)


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