Devers K – 8

Pre-K class celebrates diversity with family at Devers

Posted on February 13th, 2017

Ms. Reed and Ms. Erskine’s Pre-K class at Devers is about to complete a month long theme on Daily Life in Many Lands. During the unit the students learned different types of dances, listened to different kinds of music, looked at maps of our world, and we learned where each other was from.

They learned that people can be very different from us, yet they all still do the same things, like eating and taking care of their families.

We invited our students’ families to come in and  to share different types of foods in a Culture Day party. Our families are from all over the world — Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Mexico, Vietnam, and U.S.

The kids had lots of food to taste test, including flan, bean pie, sweet potato pie, eggrolls, rice and beans and more.


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