School District Of The City Of York


The School District of the City of York is currently looking to fill these openings:

Location – TBD

Cafeteria Aide (Posted 7/12/18)

K-8 Music Teachers (3) (Posted 7/12/18)

K-8 Music Teachers (2) — Instrumental/Chorus/Orchestra (Posted 7/12/18)

School Police Officer (Posted 6/28/18)

Cafeteria Aide (Posted 6/12/18)

Music Postings Fall 2018

Cafeteria Assistant Substitutes (Posted 4/30/18)

School Psychologist – Bilingual (Posted 9/28/17)

Speech and Language Pathologist (Posted 9/28/17)

Elementary and Secondary Special Education Teachers (Learning Support, Autistic Support and Life Skills) — Posted 9/20/17

School Nurse (Posted 6/20/17)

ELL Teachers – Elementary (Posted 7/27/2017)

Location – Administration Building

Special Education Supervisor (Posted 6/12/18)

Location – William C. Goodridge Academy

Location – Davis K-8

Secondary English Teacher (Posted 4/30/18)

Location – Devers K-8

Spanish Teachers (Posted 01-18-18)

Location – Ferguson K-8

Music Teacher (Posted 01-18-18)

Location – Goode K-8

Art Teacher (Posted 7/12/18)

Secondary Science Teacher (Posted 4/30/18)

Location – Hannah Penn K-8

Spanish Teachers (Posted 01-18-18)

Location – Jackson K-8

Location – McKinley K-8

Cafeteria Assistant (Posted 5/3/18)

Location – STEAM Academy

Location – William Penn

Licensed Social Worker (Posted 7/12/18)

ELL Teacher (Posted 7/12/18)

Secondary Science Teacher (Posted 7/12/18)

Secondary Math Teacher (Posted 7/12/18)

Special Education Teachers (4) (Posted 7/11/18)

Technology Education Teacher (Posted 6/28/18)

Computer Science Teacher (Posted 6/28/18)

French Teacher (Posted 6/28/18)

Assistant Athletic Director (Posted 6/28/18)

Security Assistant (Posted 6/27/18)

Social Studies Teacher (Posted 6/12/18)

Physical Education Teacher (Posted 5/21/18)

Music Teacher (Posted 02-28-18)

Chemistry Teacher (posted 01-18-18)

Location – Cornerstone

Applying for a teacher position? Fill out and submit the application below.

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Applicants to non-instructional positions should fill out this application.

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