Hannah Penn to dismiss at noon today (5/7/18)

Due to a water main break in the community, we have to dismiss Hannah Penn students at noon today. Students who are bused to school will be bused home.

School District Of The City Of York


The School District of the City of York is currently looking to fill these openings:

Location – TBD

Teacher Aides for 2018-19

Winter Coaching Positions

Winter Sports Support Positions

Music Postings Fall 2018

Maintenance Specialist (posted 04-12-18)

Cafeteria Assistant Substitutes (Posted 4/30/18)

School Psychologist – Bilingual (Posted 9/28/17)

Speech and Language Pathologist (Posted 9/28/17)

Elementary and Secondary Special Education Teachers (Learning Support, Autistic Support and Life Skills) — Posted 9/20/17

School Nurse (Posted 6/20/17)

ELL Teachers – Elementary (Posted 7/27/2017)

Location – Administration Building

Location – Edgar Fahs Smith STEAM Academy

Art Teacher (Posted 4/30/18)

Spanish Teacher (Posted 4/30/18)

Location – William C. Goodridge Academy

Location – Davis K-8

Secondary English Teacher (Posted 4/30/18)

Location – Devers K-8

Spanish Teachers (Posted 01-18-18)

Location – Ferguson K-8

Music Teacher (Posted 01-18-18)

Location – Goode K-8

Secondary Science Teacher (Posted 4/30/18)

Location – Hannah Penn K-8

Cafeteria Assistant (Posted 4/30/18)

Bilingual Office Aide (Posted 04-03-18)

Spanish Teachers (Posted 01-18-18)

Location – Jackson K-8

Location – McKinley K-8

Cafeteria Assistant (Posted 5/3/18)

Location – STEAM Academy

Music Teacher (Posted 02-28-18)

Art Teacher (Posted 02-21-18)

Grade 3 Teacher (Posted 02-21-18)

Grade 4 Teacher (Posted 02-21-18)

Physical Education Teacher (Posted 02-21-18)

Spanish Teacher (Posted 02-21-18)

Location – William Penn

Physical Education Teacher (Posted 5/21/18)

2018 Summer School (Teachers, Nurse, Hall Monitors)

2018 Summer School Teachers (for rising 9th grade students)

Special Education Teachers (posted 04-12-18)

Music Teacher (Posted 02-28-18)

Special Education Teachers (Posted 02-28-18)

ELL Teachers (Posted 01-18-18)

Chemistry Teacher (posted 01-18-18)

Secondary Math Teacher (Posted 8/25/17)

ELL Teachers – Secondary (Posted 7/27/2017)

Location – Cornerstone

Applying for a teacher position? Fill out and submit the application below.

thumbnail of Standard Application – Teacher – 02-13-2017

Applicants to non-instructional positions should fill out this application.

thumbnail of NI application

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