Hannah Penn to dismiss at 12:30 p.m. today (5/23/17)

Hannah Penn will dismiss early today (5/23/17) at 12:30 p.m. as a precaution due to an issue with the school's fire-suppression system. Students in Pre K, kindergarten, first and second grades must be picked up at the school by a parent or guardian. All other students will be permitted to walk home. Thank you for your understanding. Robo calls will go out shortly.

School District Of The City Of York

Staff Directory

Name Email Title School Subject
Jessica Abrams Schrodelschrojes@ycs.k12.pa.usPSU Talent Search EOC Program Counselor
Rebecca Aikins-Riceaikinreb@ycs.k12.pa.us7/8 GradesFerguson K - 8
Lisa Albrightalbrilis@ycs.k12.pa.usSchool CounselorWilliam Penn SHS
Christina Almonypisanchr@ycs.k12.pa.usLife Skills Support TeacherDavis K - 8
Ella Alsentzeralsenell@ycs.k12.pa.usThird GradeHannah Penn K - 8
Jessica Althoffalthojes@ycs.k12.pa.usTechnology CoordinatorCentral Administration
Yahaira Alvaradoalvaryah@ycs.k12.pa.usBilingual Office AideHannah Penn K - 8
Jennifer Amendamendjen@ycs.k12.pa.usSixth GradeDevers K - 8
Bradley Amendamendbra@ycs.k12.pa.usEmotional Support TeacherHannah Penn K - 8
Jill M. Andersanderji2@ycs.k12.pa.usArt TeacherWilliam Penn SHS
Mary “Mimi” Andrewsknighmar@ycs.k12.pa.usKindergartenGoode K - 8
Paul Andriukaitisandripau@ycs.k12.pa.usSchool Social WorkerCentral Administration
Rebecca Arroyoarroyreb@ycs.k12.pa.usELL TeacherWilliam Penn SHS
Angela Ashleyashleang@ycs.k12.pa.usAssistant PrincipalDevers K - 8
Sue Ann Aughinbaughaughisue@ycs.k12.pa.usLearning Support TeacherWilliam Penn SHS
Jasiel Ayalaayalajas@ycs.k12.pa.usForeign LanguageGoode K - 8
Christopher T. Bachismbachichr@ycs.k12.pa.usTeacher -- 9th GradeWilliam Penn SHSSocial Studies
Cherry A. Baptistebaptiche@ycs.k12.pa.usFifth GradeMcKinley K - 8
Elodia Barajasbarajelo@ycs.k12.pa.usBilingual Outreach Worker/Parent Liaison CoordinatorCentral Administration
Rebecca Baralbaralreb@ycs.k12.pa.usTeacher -- 10th GradeWilliam Penn SHSEnglish
Catherine Bardbardcat@ycs.k12.pa.usSecond GradeMcKinley K - 8
Nicole D. Barleybarlenic@ycs.k12.pa.usFourth GradeMcKinley K - 8
Alana Barnesbarneala@ycs.k12.pa.usSchool CounselorWilliam Penn SHS
Kristine E. Barshingerbarshkri@ycs.k12.pa.usPhysical Education TeacherWilliam Penn SHS
Milcala Batistabatismil@ycs.k12.pa.usBilingual Office AideGoode K - 8

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