William Penn Counseling Contacts

  • School Counselor - Freshman Academy, Alana Barnes, barneala@ycs.k12.pa.us, 717-849-1218, ext. 1039

    School Counselor - Last Names E-O, Kimberly Becker, beckekim@ycs.k12.pa.us, Office: 717-849-1218, ext. 1027

    School Counselor - STEAM Pathway and Last Names A-D, William Goodyear, goodywil@ycs.k12.pa.us, Office: 717-849-1218 

    School Counselor - Last Names P-Z, Lynette Fink, finklyn@ycs.k12.pa.us, Office: 717-849-1218, ext. 1100

    College and Career Counselor 9-12/High School Counselor, Jaclyn Smith, smithjac@ycs.k12.pa.us, Office: 717-849-1218 ext. 1104

    School Social Worker, Victoria Valdes, valdevic@ycs.k12.pa.us, Office- 717 849 1218 x 1030, Cell- 717 916 2118

    School Social Worker, Mactavia Hoody, hoodymac@ycs.k12.pa.us

    School Counselor: School counselors work to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students. As vital members of the school leadership team, school counselors create a school culture of success for all.

    School Social Worker: School Social Workers work with students, offering academic, emotional, and social support. They work with families, providing resources and strengthening relationships with their children and with the school.

    Aevidum Club: Meets every third Wednesday from 12:05-12:55 PM in C210.