General Policies

  • The rules and guidelines that pertain to the safety and orderly operation of the school district shall hereinafter be referred to as Policy and shall be policy series 000: Local Board Procedures, 100: Programs, 200: Pupils, 300: Administrative Employees, 400: Professional Employees, 500: Non-Instructional Employees, 600: Finances, 700: Property, 800: Operations, and 900: Community.

    The public can access all policies of the School District of the City of York by visiting the School District of the City of York's General Policies Page. 

    To access policies, simply click on the policies tab. The “Featured” policies are the policies that most parents are interested in. If you are interested in viewing other policies, simply click on one of the titles listed above.

    To print a policy, open the policy and click on the print icon.

    For more information, please contact Dr. George Fitch, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.