• In order to view the October 26th Budget Listen and Learn Zoom meeting, please click on the link below. 

    10/26 Budget Listen and Learn Zoom Meeting

    10/26 Budget Listen and Learn Minutes:

    Question 1: Based on the audience's perceptions, what are the research-based must haves (needs) that will enable the district to progress forward and ultimately exit recovety monitoring? 

    • Cool down area for students who have behavioral needs in the classroom 
    • Transitional aide classroom where students can learn how to slowly transition back into the regular classroom
    • Having a big brother program for students who are in need of a mentor/parental figure
    • Grant writers for the district and partnering with other school districts to receive more grant money
    • Office manager for the athletic department for the entire district, not just the high school
    • Land or space for the district to help alleviate the number of students in our school buildings
    • Support for the EL department by having a designated ELD teacher to help with the Pre-K count students
    • Working on setting aside $40,000 to take care of the annual cybersecurity audit which will let the district know where our programming is vulnerable and can be hacked
    • Having 3 custodial positions that can help with the upkeep of the buildings in our district
    • Having at least 3 educational technology teachers to be able to teach our teacher & students safe use of technology so that it can be used as a teaching tool to help prevent issues such as cyberbullying

    Question 2: Based on the audience's perceptions, what are the district wishes (wants) that will help the district to progress forward and ultimately exit recovery monitoring?

    • Having at least 2 adults (a teacher & an adult) in every classroom to provide better management and to help reduce overcrowding in the classrooms
    • A chess program to help students develop critical skills, planning, foresight, etc. 
    • Greater cohesion when it comes to sports and student involvement in the community, showing more school pride, caring more about students' education and promoting positive energy in the classrooms
    • Teacher assistants being brough in as district employees for Pre-K
    • More development of electives such as music, home economics, computer programmung, cursive writing, etc. 
    • Implementing an in-home program that is similar to William Penn & Ferguson's programs
    • Provide extra tutoring for students on the weekends, like a Saturday school for students who would like to learn extra skills such as cooking, financial literacy, etc.