• The School District of the City of York serves approximately 1700 English Learners whose primary Home Language is other than English. The School District community is composed of families that speak several languages and are of diverse backgrounds. The languages spoken in the School District of the City of York are as follows: English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Creole and Pidgins, French, Chinese, Arabic, Fulah, Haitian, Hausa, Khmer, Portuguese, and Yoruba.

    Governing Policies:

    22 PA. Code §4.26 states: Every school district shall provide a program for each student whose dominant language is not English for the purpose of facilitating the student's achievement of English proficiency and the academic standards under § 4.12 (relating to academic standards).  Programs under this section shall include appropriate bilingual-bicultural or English as a second language (ESL) instruction.

    Policy 138:

    Office of Civil Rights(OCR): The institution requires that all public school districts identify limited English proficient (LEP) students to provide appropriate language instructional programs to access academic content as their grade-level peers.


    EL- English Learner

    ELD- English Language Development

    ESL- English as a Second Language

    LEP- Limited English Proficient

    HLS- Home Language Survey

    LIEP- Language Instruction Educational Program