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    Feeding School Kids Social Media Toolkit 

    Throughout the Feeding School Kids initiative, we welcome schools, parent teacher organizations, and other related groups to share information with their communities through their social media channels. It is a great way to let parents and community members know how they can support the initiative at their local GIANT or MARTIN’S store!

    Below are a few sample posts to encourage community participation:

    Post 1: XXXX School is proud to be a part of the @GIANT Feeding School Kids initiative! From January 1 – March 31, you can round up at the register to support our school district’s efforts working to eliminate childhood hunger.

    Through this initiative, XXXX School and other public school districts can use funds to support meal programs to expand food distribution programs, create on-campus food pantries and gardens, supply extra weekend meals, and eliminate outstanding student meal debt.

    Join us as we round up to fight hunger within XXXXX district/school!

    #FeedingSchoolKids #EliminatingHunger #TheGIANTCompany

    Post 2: Headed to the grocery store this week? Support XXX school/district by rounding up at your local @GIANT register! Now through March 31, GIANT customers can support local public school districts and their efforts to eliminate childhood hunger right at the register.

    Learn more: https://giantfoodstores.com/pages/our-purpose?tab=changing-childrens-lives

    #FeedingSchoolKids #EliminatingHunger #TheGIANTCompany

    Post 3: Growing minds are powered by proper nutrition. Help us help our students to reach their fullest potential by supporting @GIANT’s Feeding School Kids initiative. By rounding up at the register, you’re directly supporting XXXX school/district’s efforts to combat childhood hunger through school feeding programs. Round up today!

    #FeedingSchoolKids #EliminatingHunger #TheGIANTCompany

    Note: @GIANT and @MARTIN’S can be updated based on location.

    Post award announcement, we invite you to celebrate by sharing how these dollars will help your school combat hunger. Below are a few sample posts to announce the awards:

    Post 1: Today, XXXX school/district received $$$ from @GIANT to combat childhood hunger by growing our school feeding programs. Thanks to GIANT and our community members who rounded up at the register we will be able to (insert project here). Thank you to all who donated and thank you GIANT for helping us eliminate child hunger!

    #FeedingSchoolKids #EliminatingHunger #TheGIANTCompany

    Post 2: Through @GIANT’s Feeding School Kids initiative, XXXX school/district received $$$$ to expand our school food programs. Thanks to GIANT and our community members’ support, more than XXXX students will have access to (insert program, free meals, etc.). Thank you, GIANT, for helping us ensure all students have access to the nutrition they need to thrive!

    #FeedingSchoolKids #EliminatingHunger #TheGIANTCompany

    Post 3: We are excited to announce XXXXX school/district is a recipient of @GIANT’s Feeding School Kids initiative! Thanks to GIANT’s support, we will receive $$$$ to grow school feeding programs to help eliminate child hunger within our schools. Thank you to all who rounded up at the register! Together, we are ensuring students have access to the nutrition they need to grow and fuel their education.

    #FeedingSchoolKids #EliminatingHunger #TheGIANTCompany

    Please use the GIANT handles below. By tagging GIANT, our teams can help amplify the message through our followers and encourage additional participation: