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The School District is honored to have a prestigious Board of School Directors at our helm.

From left to right: (front row) School Director Diane Glover Brown

From left to right: (back row) School Director Michael Breeland; School Director Lisa Kennedy; School Director Vice-President Carman Bryant; School Director  President Tanoue Onishi Sweeney; School Director Tonya Thompson-Morgan; School Director Cassandra Liggins; School Director Arleta Riviera; School Solicitor Jeffrey Gettle; School Director Margie Orr

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Margie Orr 

Margie Orr was three years old when she moved to the City of York with her parents from Bamberg, South Carolina. She grew up on West Hope Avenue, a neighborhood that took part in integrating the city’s schools. Orr attended the Princess Street School in grades 1 to 4 and later attended Smallwood Elementary School, which was located on the current site of York High.

Orr was a member of the first graduating class at the new Hannah Penn building, the district’s junior high school at the time. Orr followed the business preparation path and graduated from York High in 1963.

After graduation, Orr entered the work force. For more than 20 years, she worked for McCrory’s Corporation in the data-entry department.

Later, she worked for Atkins House, a transition facility for female offenders leaving prison. There, Orr saw the need for more housing facilities to serve this population. She opened the Willows on East Poplar Street, a transitional housing facility for female offenders, in the 1990s until about 2002.

Orr was appointed to the district’s Board of School Directors in 2009 and later elected. She is now serving her third four-year term. Orr has served as the board’s president since 2011.

Orr is the youngest of four siblings, all of whom attended the School District of the City of York. She has raised five grandchildren, all of whom graduated from high school. She has also served as a caretaker for three great-grandchildren.

Orr has always been an education advocate and an active participant in her children’s lives. After her grandchildren graduated from high school, she decided to continue her advocacy on the Board of School Directors. She believes it is her calling to work on behalf of York City families to make the School District of the City of York the best it can be.

Diane Brown

As a child growing up in York, Diane Brown was a part of some major changes in the district. She grew up on the west-end of town during the riots in York. Although McKinley School was closer and in walking distance, Brown was eventually bussed to Devers School when she entered the 4th grade to assist in integrating that school.

Brown entered York High in 1976, when the high school offered a latitude of many different programs, classes and activities – the planetarium, swimming pool, co-op classes, sports, home economics and shop classes, to name a few. Brown was involved in many of the civic and government activities at school, including Senate and House of Representatives. She graduated from York High in 1980 and obtained a business certificate from the Skills Training Center in 1985. She has been employed with Columbia Gas since 1987 and is currently a Manager Regulatory Compliance.

Brown has two daughters who are 12 years apart. So, as one daughter was graduating from York High in 2001, her other daughter was starting first grade. Brown became very active with the parent advisory council in 2007 and volunteered to be a Parent Liaison under the Title 1 program. She later became President of Parent Advocates for Children (PAC). She continues to promote parent and community involvement in our schools because it’s a huge part of the link for our students’ achievement.

Brown was appointed to the school board in December 2012. She remains on the school board because she believes that, with the right resources, innovations and partnerships, the York City School District can rise above the deficiencies.


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