Davis K – 8


Programs at Davis

Davis After-School Programs

Davis K – 8 is participating in an Art & Performing Arts pilot program in collaboration with the Weary Arts Group this year.  The enrichment opportunities for students this year will include:

  • Boy Scouts
  • Character Education (YWCA)
  • Character Education (Children’s Home of York)
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Theater
  • Costume and Set Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Group Games
  • Team Sports & Recreation
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Technology Education
  • Leap Into Science

All-Pro Dad’s Breakfast at St. Andrew’s Church:

St. Andrew’s Church, which is located directly across the street from Phineas Davis, holds an All Pro Dad’s Monthly Breakfast for our students and his/her male role models in their lives.  The All Pro Dad’s Monthly Breakfast is designed to encourage fathers and other male role models to strengthen their relationship with their kids.  This program (started by NFL Coach Tony Dungy) is open to all Davis students and their male role models on the first Thursday of each month.  St. Andrew’s provides a free meal and a short informational program.

Food Backpack Program:

Davis K-8 has partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and the York Benevolent Association to provide food to 100 families in need.  Applications were distributed on a perceived or expressed need basis to students in grades K-5.  Volunteers from St. Andrew’s Church assist in the packing and distribution of the backpacks.  Each Thursday afternoon around 3 p.m., church volunteers come to Davis to pack up the backpacks and distribute them to students who take them home for their family.

Benchmark Research School:

The School District of the City of York recently purchased a new ELA resource, Benchmark.  Davis K-8 was chosen as a research school, which provides the building with a Benchmark representative once a month.  Ms. Gail Ryan is the representative who visits Davis on a monthly basis.  Ms. Ryan models different components of the program and analyzes data with the teachers.  This ensures that teachers know how to effectively teach the program as well as how they can use their students’ data to drive their instruction.


The School District of the City of York is piloting a “looping” program this year.  Davis K–8 has the most teachers participating in the looping program throughout the district.  Ms. Mulrooney looped with her students from first grade to second grade.  The entire third and fourth grade team, Ms. Harman (ELA & Social Studies) and Ms. Rowlands (Math & Science), Ms. Powers (ELA & Social Studies) and Mr. Leierer (Math & Science), Ms. Wetzel (Math & Science) and Ms. Reynolds (ELA & Social Studies) are looping.  Ms. Conaway (Math and Science) and Ms. Stauffer (ELA & Social Studies) are the fifth and sixth grade team that is looping.  This has resulted in more instructional time and more solid relationships.

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