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Devers tackles science in first week of 2017-18 school year

Posted on August 28th, 2017

During the solar eclipse on the first day of school, students in my 3rd grade class at Devers worked in cooperative groups to complete their KWL chart of what they already knew, what they want to learn and what they just learned about the solar eclipse! It was an amazing activity to do on the first day of school! This was their first experience of a solar eclipse.

Our teaching team created a packet to explain the moon and sun. Then, we went onto YouTube and National Geographic websites that showed the students how the sun and moon will move and cover. During the totality of the eclipse, we watched it on live stream in our classroom.

— Denise Waughtel, 3rd grade teacher


I created a Donors’ Choose fundraiser this summer to purchase updated science equipment for our school, and we received full funding before the beginning of the year!

Our materials arrived on the first day of school, and already my students are learning like they never did before. We are putting our safety goggles to use this week, and our microscopes will be invaluable during our life science unit.

We have new beakers, graduated cylinders, slide-making sets, and tongs to use in our classroom. The students are very excited, and so am I!

— Denise Mace, grades 5/6 teacher



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