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Devers students earn a milkshake-making Friday

Posted on October 2nd, 2017

On Friday, Sept. 15, the Devers 4-6 grade Emotional Support class earned the opportunity to learn how to make vanilla milkshakes!

One of the building long-term substitute teachers, Joy Baublitz, and teacher assistant, Amy Bermudez, guided their students through the activity. The students learned about the components of the blender and how ice cream, milk, and whipped cream are all dairy products.

The students enjoyed making the milkshakes and found it amusing to be warned to keep their hands on the blender lid so it wouldn’t explode!

Devers Principal Craig Linn, was treated with a handmade shake while listening to all the academic progress the students made this week. It was a rewarding activity that also coincided with one of the warmest days this week!

— Paul Andriukaitis, School Social Worker


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