Attractions and Points of Interest

  • Welcome to the City of York! Home of the School District of the City of York. The district has 11 buildings spread out over a 5-mile radius. While visiting downtown historic York, you will admire the beautifully preserved historic buildings and meet many friendly Yorkers during your travels. With abundant parking, and easy access to downtown York, there will never be a dull moment. While York is a small city, it has tons of unique locations worth visiting. The City of York has many attractions and points of interest that many take full advantage of. The City of York is truly a great, unforgettable experience. 

    City of York Attractions 

    Penn Market
    380 W. Market St.
    (717) 848-1402
    Opened in 1866, York’s oldest operating market.

    Central Market York
    34 W. Market St.
    (717) 848-2243

    PeoplesBank Park
    5 Brooks Robinson Way
    (717) 801-4487
    Baseball Stadium for the minor league team, the York Revolution. 

    Fire Museum of York County
    757 W. Market St.
    (717) 848-1587
    Two centuries of firefighting equipment on display.

    Golden Plough Tavern; General Horatio Gates House; Barnett Bobb Log Home
    157 W. Market St.
    (717) 845-2951.
    Eighteenth Century museum complex including York’s oldest building.

    Martin Library
    159 E. Market St.
    (717) 846-5300
    York’s historic downtown library with Internet access.

    Murals of York
    (717) 812-0722

    Appell Center for the Performing Arts
    50 N. George St.
    (717) 846-1111
    Concerts, plays, shows, and films. Call for information.

    York County History Center
    250 E. Market St.
    (717) 848-1587
    York’s finest museum, genealogical library and historic sites.

    Visitors Center
    34 W. Philadelphia St. (Central Market York)
    (717) 669-4430
    Tuesday-Sunday 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m. with extended hours during downtown events

    York County Colonial Courthouse
    205 W. Market St.
    (717) 845-2951
    Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation here in 1777.

    Explore York (York County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
    60 E. North St.
    (717) 852-9675
    Promoting York’s attractions, restaurants and accommodations.

    Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center
    515 South George St.
    (717) 848-3064
    Interactive health education programs for children and adults.