Administrative Staff

  • Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Andrea Berry,

    Assistant Superintendent, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster,

    Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Dr. George Fitch,

    Supervisor of Student Services, Laura Edwards,

    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Lori Ferrell,

    Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent, Dulce Diaz,

    Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Ramona Torres,

    Director of Special Education, Mary Manning,

    Supervisor of Special Education, Gina Chroniger,

    Supervisor of Special Education, NaTasha Mathis,

    Supervisor of Special Education, Charlotte Beakler,

    Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Special Education, Fern Sardegna,

    Chief Recovery Officer, Dr. Michael Thew,

    Communications Coordinator, Khera Bowman,

    Project Director of Schools, Dr. Danielle Miles,

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Jaimie Foster, 

    Supervisor of Instruction, Angela Ashley,

    Supervisor of Instruction, LaShaunda Haynes,

    Data Specialist Supervisor, Steve Patrick,

    Director of Human Resources, Robert Bernhard,

    Executive Assistant Human Resources, Ronda Taylor,

    Federal Programs Coordinator, Dr. Lori Bowman,

    Federal Programs Coordinator Secretary, Erika Vellon,

    Pre-K Principal, Julie Fabie,

    Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Richard Muldrow,

    Business Manager, Shawn Hain,

    Executive Assistant to the Business Manager, Fran Doleman,

    Coordinator of Information and Technology, Jessica Althoff,

    Special Programs Coordinator, Deborah Hioutis,

    Chief of School Police, Chief Quinn Johnson,