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New approach makes music class meaningful to all students

Posted on September 25th, 2017

Music class at Hannah Penn is embarking on a drastic change, one keyboard at time.

Music classrom at Hannah Penn

All students at Hannah Penn will be learning to play the piano this year.  It is our hope to have students learn to cover songs they like, and create their own music. This change was brought upon due to the overwhelming request from the students to play instruments in class.

Ms. Nikki Vandersloot, the music teacher at Hannah Penn, has made a huge change to her philosophical views on Music Education, and how it should be delivered to her students. Thanks to a workshop she took over the summer, Ms. V’s plan is to create a modern band experience which includes not only piano, but ukuleles, drum set, bass and vocals.

“Every student is musical is some way. It is my job to unlock that potential,” she said.

Not all students have the desire to perform. Some excel at listening, improvising or composing. By giving students a chance to experience all ways to be musical, every student will find their niche.

Music is a mode of expression, and for many of our students, an important one.  When words fail, music can give students an outlet to express their feelings.

Whether performing, listening, or composing, students are always feeling the message music is saying.

The pianos are a start. A meaningful musical experience is the end goal.


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