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Jackson fifth-graders attend York College Brain Fair

Posted on February 1st, 2018

Students and YCP students learning together

On December 19th, eleven Jackson Elementary fifth graders were treated to York College of Pennsylvania’s first annual Brain Fair. The fair was designed and hosted by Dr. Dan Curlik and his PSY-310, Brain and Behavior. The fair also served as a Community Based Learning project for this class. Early indications pointed towards success as nine of the younger students immediately identified an interest in the science and arts. Additional proof to their interest was displayed as none of the fifth graders shied away from an actual human brains contained in a display jar. As the day progressed, the Jackson students were both amazed and absorbed in the information shared by the YCP students. The Brain Fair format was set up as four separate ‘brain stations’ each in its own designated classroom in the Appell Life Sciences Building. All stations were designed and run by the PSY-310 students.

The afternoon ended with a shared lunch in the Student Union. Joining the Jackson students were Dr. Curlik and his students and other YCP Behavioral Science faculty. Animated discussion was exchanged reflecting on the day’s events and the new friendships made. Listening in it was easy to pick up on energetic conversations about ‘egg people and cerebellum. Upon leaving, the fifth graders, no longer shy, walked around to their new YCP friends thanking them with hugs and shouting out key scientific terms, a sure sign of success.

A special thanks goes to Ms. Leyna Rozon, Community-in-Schools Coordinator at Jackson, for taking the lead on this project.  It was a huge success and they are planning on doing it again next fall.

students and other YCP Behavioral Science faculty teachingJackson students and YCP Behavioral Science faculty high fiving

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