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Family School Policy

Jackson K-8:  Family School Policy

Image of students with teachers.VISION: In collaboration with families, continually improve student achievement and community involvement within the School District of the City of York.

PURPOSE: Jackson K-8 acknowledges that families and school have vital roles in ensuring that education is a shared partnership that requires a collaborative effort.

DEFINITIONS: For the purposes of this document; parent/family refers to the legal guardian or other person(s) standing in “loco parentis.” For the purposes of this document; school will refer to Jackson K-8 and is comprised of students living within the designated boundaries for Jackson K-8 and the City of York.

FAMILY – SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP: The Family – School Partnership Policy will establish programs and practices that reflect the specific resources and needs of Jackson K-8 students and families.

TITLE 1 REQUIREMENTS: Jackson K-8 shall incorporate Title 1, Part A parent involvement requirements into this policy and ensure that all parents/families are informed about the opportunity and expectation to participate in regular, two-way meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities.


  1. Parents/Families shall actively participate in the development of school improvement plans, programs, and services as well as the budgeting process.
  2. Parents/Families will be invited to the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), also referred to as School Advisory Council (SAC), meetings held at Jackson K-8 once a month.
  3. Recommendations from the PAC/SAC shall focus on student achievement for the entire school body.
  4. Parents/Families will receive notification of the annual Title 1 meeting at Jackson K-8.
  5. Parents/Families will have access to the district curriculum which includes descriptions, explanations, and opportunities to meeting with building administration to address questions.
  6. Parents/Families will be provided assistance with any questions regarding the PA State academic content standards.
  7. The Parent/Family Team, in conjunction with the school-based team will review the Title 1 compact and parent/family policy annually and make changes/adjustments/updates as needed.
  8. Jackson K-8 will provide materials and training to parents/families to work with their child to improve students’ achievement.

ELEMENTS OF EFFECTIVE PROGRAMS: Jackson K-8 is committed to implementing the following elements of effective programming: creating a welcoming environment for students, staff, and families, expanding communication between all parties involved in the life of our students, encouraging supportive home environments, eliciting volunteers from families and community partners, supporting student success through shared decision-making processes.

EVALUATION: Evaluation of the effect of the policy on student success will be achieved through surveys, information discussed at PAC/SAC meetings and other parent/family interactions. The evaluation will be used to improve and/or create practices to enhance parent involvement as well as student success. The policy will be reviewed and/or revised as needed on a yearly basis by the PAC/SAC team in conjunction with the school team members.

Review the Family/School Compact here.


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