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Image of Jackson students in a parade100 BOOK CHALLENGE: In an effort to encourage reading in all of our students and promote the district’s focus on literacy, the 100 Book Challenge is a great tool. The students love book exchange and reading their new books. Milestones are celebrated by awarding a medal to the student and acknowledging the student in the building.

“BULLY BOX”: In an effort to battle bullying, a group of students working with Ms. Rozon, Community-in-School Counselor developed the “Bully Box”. The “Bully Box” allows a student to report bullying in a manner that protects their identity and provides confidentiality. The “Bully Box” was implemented in January of 2016 and since its inception, the number of bullying reports has decreased. The key element of the “Bullying Box” is that it checked three times a day and any notes are addressed immediately.

PEER MEDIATION: As a result of the “Bullying Box”, peer mediation arose as a strategy for dealing with bullying and other interpersonal conflicts that give the students an active role in resolving issues.

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