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Welcoming our new pet – Sparkle the hamster

Posted on February 16th, 2018

Student look at Sparkle the hamster in its cage

Welcoming Our Classroom Pet in Jackson 124


The preschool classroom in Jackson 124 welcomed our newest student on February 12th – a four-legged Chinese dwarf hamster. The benefits of having a classroom pet were the driving factor to beginning this process. Benefits include but not limited to: building a sense of responsibility and empathy, curriculum enhancement and increasing enthusiasm for learning!

The process was simple and the learning experiences as a result of our new classmate have been innumerable. The children were involved in every step of the process. They were able to vote for the animal we would acquire between hamster, gerbil, mouse or rat. Once she was picked up from the pet store – she was transitioned into the classroom during our Unit focusing on needs of living and non-living things. The children again voted, this time on a name – Sparkle Darla Jackson. Finally, as a group we discussed the responsibilities of owning a pet, how we handle her, safety and health precautions and daily care routines.

Here’s what some of the children are saying about Sparkle:

“I’m happy we have a pet now.” – Azi’Ren

“She’s so cute. Someday, I want to see her run on her wheel!” – Gregory

“I love her because she is beautiful.” – Jaeriel

“I like to bring her food. Like carrots for Valentine’s Day!” – Mez’Aiel

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