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Congratulations STEAM students for helping with the Kiwanis Lake Restoration Project

Today, students at STEAM Academy were honored for their PBL work connected to the restoration project at Kiwanis Lake. During the ribbon cutting ceremony, the sign designed by STEAM Academy was unveiled. Featured in the upper right corner of the sign and on t-shirts is the Smart Lake logo which was designed by one of our STEAM students. The Smart Lake Project brings state of the art technology into the classroom, allowing students and teachers to analyze water data from the lake. Students also manually collect water samples to perform comparison analytics. We thank The Rotary Club of York for allowing our students to be a part of this amazing work. STEAM students also took initiative in the Steam Storm Water Stewardship Project, encouraging clean storm drains. Congratulations to our STEAM students for a job well done and thank you to our partners, the City of York, and Penn State York.