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Summer Electronic Benefits Program

Dear Chief Administrator and Primary Contact of schools participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP),

Summer is almost here, and the new SUN Bucks program will be rolled out to households across Pennsylvania. To help spread the word, communications templates for outreach to households in your School Food Authority (SFA) are now available. It's important for all SFAs to use these communications to inform households about the SUN Bucks program. By distributing these letters, SFAs can potentially play a crucial role in redirecting questions from households to the Department of Human Services (DHS), the proper contact for such queries. All Letters are in Microsoft Word Format.  


School Food Authorities without access to the Full Pennsylvania Student Eligibility System in PrimeroEdge (PA-SES):  

We have a general letter communication for SFAs without access to the Full Pennsylvania Student Eligibility System in PrimeroEdge (PA-SES). This letter provides a comprehensive explanation of the SUN Bucks program, eligibility criteria, and the application process (starting July 2024).  This letter can be sent to all households regardless of the student’s individual eligibility:  SUN Bucks General Letter 


School Food Authorities with access to the Full Pennsylvania Student Eligibility System in PrimeroEdge (PA-SES):  

Two templates are available for SFAs utilizing the Full PA-SES. These templates can be added to PA-SES (directions provided) and sent to households via email or printed and sent via mail.  They are specific to the student’s individual eligibility. Therefore, it is imperative that SFA’s ensure the eligibility information in PA-SES is up to date and accurate. 


  • One template notifies households of students eligible for the benefit (these students are identified as receiving Free/Reduced price meal benefits in the PA-SES):  Full PA-SES SUN Bucks Free-Reduced Letter 


  • The second template notifies households that they are not currently eligible for SUN Bucksbecause they are not eligible for free or reduced price meals, but the household may qualify via income. The option to apply on the DHS website is available (beginning July 2024):  Full PA-SES SUN Bucks Paid Letter 

The directions on how to implement the templates in PA-SES are available here:  Full PA-SES SUN Bucks Letter Instructions


SFAs using the PA-SES requiring assistance with the template or notification process may contact the following: 

SFAs who are a full PA-SES users only:  

 CNResource Support:  855-286-7685. 


SFAs who are a PrimeroEdge Point-of-Service (POS) customers: 

 PrimeroEdge Support: 866.442.6030