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Adopt-a-Drain Campaign

Adopt-a-Drain Campaign

According to public data collected and made available by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), York City residents are exposed to approximately 285 hazardous exposures on a daily basis which includes 54 hazardous water discharges. When comparing the density of hazardous environmental exposures per square mile in neighboring townships, York City residents are subject to 43.4 more hazardous exposures than township residents.

According to the National Weather Service, York City is located in an area with increased expected rainfall over the next 100 years. Moreover, in a lawsuit filed in 2023, environmental data was collected that concluded PFAs, also known as "forever chemicals", were found in water sources throughout York County. PFAs are linked to serious health conditions such as cancer and diseases. Cleaning our water is a must for public health and the health of the environment. 

Studies have found in the last 20 years with York City's proactive approach to reducing pollution in water sources including storm water drains there is a decrease in pollution in the Codorus Creek. Moreover, increased wildlife and plant life is also found in the creek today. Community-based efforts to restore the city and reduce pollution including the Adopt-a-Drain campaign have and continue to positively impact the city and residents.

The Adopt-a-Drain campaign is a partnership between the William Penn Senior High School STEAM Academy and York City’s Public Works department. Drain adopters are responsible for caring and cleaning trash from the drain on a weekly basis. By doing so, water sources will contain less pollution which will create a greener and healthier York City. 

To learn more and adopt a drain, please click here or scan the QR code on one of the flyers below.