Friday Night Varsity Football Game

Instructions:  Campus will close at 5:30 on Friday.  Gates will open at 6:00.  When your ticket holders enter campus have them show tickets at the entrance to be able to proceed to stadium parking.  All ticket holders will enter the stadium at the North end of the stadium.  Only one gate will be open.  They will then hand tickets in when entering the stadium. Live Stream Link to Purchase Tonight's Game

All PreK-12 Grade Students Virtual Learning (2nd Marking Period)

2nd Marking Period Virtual - Please click the link below to access more information on the Virtual Learning plan. This plan has been approved by the School Board of Directors at the School Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

School District Of The City Of York

Staff Directory

Name Email Title School Subject
Gurnam AideHannah Penn K - 8
Scott LabenskiLABENSCO@YCS.K12.PA.USTeacherHannah Penn K - 8
Ronald MitchellMITCHRON@YCS.K12.PA.USSchool PsychologistHannah Penn K - 8
Jessica Abrams Talent Search EOC Program Counselor
Lisa CounselorWilliam Penn SHS
Lori AideWilliam Penn SHS
Christina Support TeacherDavis K - 8
Ella Grade TeacherJackson K - 8
Jessica CoordinatorCentral Administration
Jennifer Grade TeacherDevers K - 8
Bradley Support TeacherHannah Penn K - 8
Jill M. TeacherWilliam Penn SHS
Mary “Mimi” TeacherGoode K - 8
Paul Education Social WorkerCentral Administration
Rebecca TeacherWilliam Penn SHS
Tina AideGoode K - 8
Angela of Instruction Central Administration
Nicole Social WorkerGoode K - 8
Shakkia AtkinsonATKINSHA@YCS.K12.PA.USStudent AideHannah Penn K - 8
Sue Ann Support TeacherWilliam Penn SHS
Cliff Support ICentral Administration
Christopher T. TeacherWilliam Penn SHS
ShaWanna AideDavis K - 8
Jermaine AideMcKinley K - 8
Joshua S. TeacherWilliam Penn SHS

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