Friday, Jan. 4: Girls JV basketball game at Boiling Springs canceled

Due to a flu outbreak at Boiling Springs High School, the girls' JV basketball game has been canceled. However, the varsity teams will still play. Game time is 7 p.m. at Boiling Springs. Get well soon, Boiling Springs! And good luck, Bearcats!

William Penn

9-12 Bearcat Cyber Academy

Information on 9-12 Bearcat Academy 2020-2021:

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The Bearcat Cyber Academy offers traditional cyber and blended online learning options to students in grades  9-12 from the School District of the City of York.Bearcat Cyber logo depicting a computer and York City School District logo

The Bearcat Cyber Academy, in partnership with Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12, will provide customized learning options for students in the School District of the City of York by collaborating to develop individualized learning paths that are aligned to the PA Common Core.  Through the use of rigorous online instruction and access to district provided opportunities and support at William Penn Senior High School, the program aims to prepare students for post-secondary goals.

Unlike traditional cyber charter programs, Bearcat Cyber Academy offers a unique program that can be tailored to meet the individual learning needs of every student. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses and electives that will  allow them to pursue their academic interests, and develop a path for success after high school.

Benefits of Bearcat Cyber Academy Program

  • Students attending Bearcat Cyber Academy have access to all classes, programs, services and extra-curricular activities offered at William Penn Senior High School.
  • On-site monitoring and support is available and provided by the School District of the City of York’s Bearcat Cyber Academy Teacher in a convenient location at William Penn Senior High School.
  • Students have access to virtual and/or face-to-face tutoring and extra support as needed.
  • On-site outpatient counseling services can be provided to students who are interested and qualify.
  • Graduating Bearcat Cyber Academy students receive a William Penn High School diploma and can participate in commencement activities pending completion of William Penn graduation and Bearcat Bold requirements.

How do I enroll?

Interested students who currently attend William Penn High School or 8th grade students who are coming  to 9th grade from School District of the City of York K-8 buildings should contact their assigned high school guidance counselor to discuss Bearcat Cyber Academy as a learning option. Students will then be required to take the Smarter Measures Assessment at the Student Services Office located at William Penn Senior High School.

Candidates will be contacted by the Bearcat Cyber Academy Office and/or guidance counselor within a reasonable time to communicate whether they have been accepted or denied admittance based on assessment results and/or administrative recommendations.

Some students may be accepted on a provisional basis and/or be required to attend on-site support sessions.

K-8 Bearcat Cyber Academy information will be posted shortly.

Contact Us:

Dr. Philip Livelsberger, Administrator

(717) 881-3450

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