All PreK-12 Grade Students Virtual Learning (2nd Marking Period)

2nd Marking Period Virtual - Please click the link below to access more information on the Virtual Learning plan. This plan has been approved by the School Board of Directors at the School Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Friday, Jan. 4: Girls JV basketball game at Boiling Springs canceled

Due to a flu outbreak at Boiling Springs High School, the girls' JV basketball game has been canceled. However, the varsity teams will still play. Game time is 7 p.m. at Boiling Springs. Get well soon, Boiling Springs! And good luck, Bearcats!

William Penn

U.S. History students study African American WWI unit

Posted on January 30th, 2017

Last week, U.S. History students at William Penn studied the 369th Infantry Regiment, an African American unit who served in World War I, but whose story was nearly lost in history until recent years.

The “Harlem Hellfighters,” as the group was nicknamed, trained to fight in combat, only to be relegated to menial tasks after arriving in France.African American WWI unit picture

They finally had a chance to prove themselves after General Pershing, who refused to allow any of his white troops to fight in the Allied units, assigned the Harlem Hellfighters to the French forces. They became one of the most highly decorated American units in WWI.

One of the soldiers, Sgt. Henry Johnson, single-handedly killed four German soldiers and wounded over 20 more, while saving his comrades from a surprise attack.

Despite his heroic efforts, Johnson and many other African Americans returned to a segregated post-war America that did not respect or recognize their service.  Johnson was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 2015.

Asked why it is important to remember and honor the Harlem Hellfighters, students gave the following responses:

“The acts of bravery of these men were great. They were segregated but they still fought for this country!”- Shyzere Stahle, Class of 2018

“Black men/ Strong and Bold/ A man named Henry Johnson/ A Story they haven’t told”- excerpt of poem by Toiyonda Orr, Class of 2018

“Johnson went home a hero but died, at 32, penniless.” – Lesly Rodriguez, Class of 2019

“The Harlem Hellfighters were the most courageous group of soldiers in WWI, despite being the worst treated.” –Sha-kim Wright II, Class of 2018

“They helped change the public’s opinion of African American soldiers and paved the way for future black soldiers.” – Roxxana Rijo, Class of 2018

— Maggie S. Mafnas, York High Social Studies Teacher


Bearcat football team gives back

Posted on January 9th, 2017

It was their first day of their holiday break, but these Bearcats weren’t sitting at home.Football player picking up trash

Two football players helping each other pick up trashLed by Coach Russ Stoner, about 20 members of the York High football team volunteered their time on a Thursday morning to pick up litter throughout the city. They walked south on George Street from Smalls Field to Jackson Street, cleaning all the way.Football players returning to field house for pizza

Afterward, the boys returned to their field house for some much-deserved pizza provided by the York County Economic Alliance and School Director Lois Garnett.Football players and school director posing for picture


Whole football team poses for picture Whole football team shown walking away after a job well done

Art student recognized by York College

Posted on December 19th, 2016

Congratulations to York High student Luis DeJesus, who earned 3rd place in the first YCASE (York Community Art Luis DeJesus picturedStudents Exhibition) juried art exhibit.

His piece is called “The Hunter’s Eye.”

The event was sponsored by York College and its art department as a partnership between the college and local high schools to showcase their talented art students.The Hunters Eye art piece

Four York High students made it into the juried exhibition. DeJesus received a monetary award and a certificate.

The event gives seniors the opportunity to win a $20,000 scholarship to study art at York College. They also have access to a number of workshops at the college or Marketplace Arts on Philadelphia Street.

— By William Valyo, York High art teacher


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